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Coaching process and clientele

Coaching mit Stefanie Katzenberger

What is a Coach?

Coaching process and clienteleA professional coach is both a partner and a companion. Acting as a catalyst, a coach enables his coachee to accomplish more that he would have been able to achieve alone and often more than he believed was possible from the outset.
By instilling hope, new skills and self-confidence, a coach aids the coachee to approach new genres of learning and to maintain/regain a life balance. In short, a coach acts as a liaison and an augmenter between the individual and himself and between the individual and the world.

The qualities of a good coach are as follows:
Emotional intelligence, a sharp mind and a results-orientated pragmatism.

What is coaching?

By taking the time to analyse problems from an objective, big-picture perspective, a coach can move a situation from a problem state to a position of positive equilibrium. A good coach recognises that careful dissection of a client’s problems can provide helpful insight to an individual’s desires, emotions and paradoxes.

What are the essential components of successful coaching?
⇒ The identification of a problem and the demand for change
⇒ A strong relationship between client and coach based on trust
⇒ The desire to initiate change
⇒ A time-staggered process of development
⇒ The identification of positive results that can be built upon throughout the coaching process
⇒ The implementation of a continuous system of evaluation

When does the need for coaching emerge?

What is Coaching?People who are aware of their limits and have the courage to call an outside party for assistance may utilise a coach to navigate areas of significant stress, thereby enabling them to evolve, both as an employee and an individual.
As a company/business evolves and new team dynamics, promotions, crises etc. bevome apparent, the intervention of a coach can allow individuals to flourish in such moments of stress. Furthermore, professional coaching encourages each client to develop a range of communication skills which facilitates successful ways of conveying or sharing ideas and feelings.

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